Preservation Agenda


This is the manual forĀ Myst. It contains the story line as well as the system requirements to play the game. It also includes how to install the game, how to launch the game, and how to uninstall the game.

It gives instructions on how to move around in the game and interact with objects in the game. It gives details about the creators of the game and credits the people who worked and attributed to the game itself.

It gives details about the creators of the game as well as those who attributed to the game. It also gives instructions about how to contact technical support via e-mail, the internet, standard mail, and phone if you have any issues regarding the installation, gameplay, and other aspects.

Necessary Components

-Computer with operating system no higher than Windows 7.

-A mouse to click and move.

-The CD/DVD-ROM to install and play the game.

By Alex Privitt